Musica ficta

Another question where I need help

I want to add an “musica ficta flat” to a note

that mean a smal flat sign above the note



This isn’t natively supported yet. You’ll need to either place the flat symbol there as a text object (shift+X text, change it to “Music text” in the type drop down and then copy the SMuFL character) or you need to create a new playing technique with that symbol in the playing techniques editor. The poor-man’s version is to just assign the accidental and put it in brackets within the stave.

Read this article, which shows you how to create ficta, along with other editorial markings:

Many thank’s

Erm, guys, I think the combined implementation of figured bass and layout transposition overrides in 3.5 gives us the ability to create intelligent ficta - i.e. that will change from a sharp to a natural depending on key signature - my tests so far have been successful at least. I think this now means 1 click transpositions for motets!

EDIT: Not quite as predictable as I’d hoped. Still the best workaround so far I think…

Are you saying you use fb to add the #/b symbols? Interesting idea. I hadn’t considered that yet.

Won’t this transpose the accidental as if it was a third above the written note, not at the unison pitch of the note?