Musical and linear mode not working?

I started a new project recording a piece of audio in via the computer virtual inputs, i routed my system audio into a stereo track and recorded… But for some reason switching between musical or linear on this particular track does nothing, it doesnt speed up or slow down, it just moves out of time , any ideas?


Are you talking about the Musical Mode On/Off or the Musical/Linear Timebase, please?

Selecting musical timebase on the track. By default it is on but for some reason not doing anything on this particular track.


This doesn’t speed up or slow down the audio. Use the Musical Mode in the Info Line, please.

But normally if it’s in musical mode on the track and you change project tempo it speeds up or slows down to conform? This happened me last week i was trying to find a loop of a newly important song, and as i adjusted the tempo the song kept speeding up and i remembered i had to turn the musical mode off to keep it at the same tempo.

Im just curious as to why that didnt happen with the audio tonight.


This is not Musical Mode. This is Musical Timebase.

No, it doesn’t. The Musical Mode (in the Inspector or the Pool window) does this. The Musical Timebase keeps the position of Parts and Events in Bars+Beats and changes the position in time when you change the tempo.

Ok so im confused. Last weekend i created a new session, i downloaded a piece of music from youtube. I imported it, i was trying to work out the tempo and it was annoying me because when i changed project tempo the audio sped up and slowed down so it was impossible to figure out the true tempo until i remembered i needed to click that music not off, then it stopped doing that?


Musical Mode is described here.

The Timebase is described here.


Thank you for sharing yes I understand this, so what I experienced yesterday when I recorded a piece of audio in the timebase did not affect the speed whatsoever. I had to restart the session from new…

Last week I was asked to record a piece from Richie Valens La Bamba direct from Youtube & as it had been a while since i used it i could not understand while trying to find a loop and adjusting the tempo the music was speeding up and slowing down (how it should in musical mode). I then remember to turn that off while I found a loop in the correct tempo and then turn it back on etc.