Musical instruments with different keys

Hi, it would be possible, perhaps for a later version, be able to have the possibility to choose a tool with a “X” key in the flow of the manager and another music key in the part of the instrument?
For example, he happened to find a score (but it is something that often happens), where a horn had a key to tenor on the score of the manager and a violin key on the detached part.

Would it be possible, so be able to choose to set the two keys right away?

Thank you

Salve, sarebbe possibile, magari per una versione successiva, poter aver la possibilità di scegliere uno strumento con una chiave “x” nel flusso del direttore e un’altra chiave musicale nella parte dello strumento?
Per esempio, m’è capitato di trovare una partitura (ma è una cosa che capita spesso), dove un corno aveva una chiave di Tenore sulla partitura del direttore e una chiave di violino sulla parte staccata.

Sarebbe possibile, quindi poter scegliere di impostare fin da subito le due chiavi?


You want to use a different clef in the full score and in the part layout? If so, you can do this already using Clef and Transposition Overrides:

Thanks for the answer, I hadn’t seen, my mistake … :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m sorry to resume this post, but I can’t make sure that in the score of the manager the trumpet has the key to tenor and the horn itself, in the musical parts, has the key to violin.
I tried and tried several times, but every time I failed to do anything.
Please, if someone has the patience to help me, do it, perhaps by inserting photos.

Thank you

Salve, mi dispiace riprendere questo post, ma non riesco a fare in modo che nella partitura del direttore la tromba abbia la chiave di tenore e la stessa tromba, nelle parti musicali, abbia la chiave di violino.
Ho provato e riprovato diverse volte, ma ogni volta non sono riuscito a fare nulla.
Per favore, se qualcuno ha la pazienza di aiutarmi, lo faccia, magari inserendo delle foto.


Several things. Firstly, I’ve seen online translators confuse Key and Clef. Do you want to change the Key (examples: C Major, D minor, etc.) or the Clef (examples: Treble (G), Bass (F))?

One thing to note about the feature Daniel linked to is that it is Layout dependent. So, the changes need to be done to the Score and Part Layouts separately.

I can’t give screenshots right now. Hopefully someone who understands Italian can post some in Italian for you.

Thanks for your answer.

I need to change the key.
Usually the trumpet in Si Bemolle, plays with the violin key at the beginning of the score.

I am transcribing a composition of the Baroque period, where the composer has inserted the key to the orchestral score of the director and the key to violin in the part to be extracted of the trumpet.
I don’t have to change the shade, (I hope the translation is correct).

Is this what you want?
Clef Test.dorico (453.3 KB)

Yesssssssssssssssssssssssss… :slight_smile:

How you do it???

I mean, the key to tenor, should be placed first?
Because I had tried but I couldn’t change it on the trumpet part …

Firstly check the octave against another instrument like violin. It may be off because there is an octave shift somewhere. By default, with the Tenor Clef, the note will show an octave higher. I transposed the Tenor Clef up an octave. Is that what you want or do you want the Trumpet part is transposed down an octave?

In Setup Mode, right click on the score and select the Clef and Transposition Overrides option. You can see my settings there. I will post a screenshot from my system

Clef Override

Regarding the upper or lower octave, someone told me that the American system identifies the central do C4, while in the Italian system, it is the C3.
Maybe this is the reason?

Thank you very much …
Unfortunately the manual is not very clear in this regard (if they put a video would have been better) …

No, it’s that Tenor Clef is normally roughly an octave lower than the Treble Clef. The Pictures you posted showed the notes at the same octave.

Well yes, because it’s just like that it was composed.