Musical Mode Algorithm Default ?


Has anyone got a clue on how to set a prefered default for the algorithm used in Musical Mode ?


AFAIK new recordings will always default to elastic pro unless you import audio or projects from an older (pre elastic) version.
Not sure you can change the default but you can select all files in the pool & change the algo at the same time if needed.

thanks grim for your kind reply

how come elastique pro consumes so much disk cache usage…my C6 is unusable when i got a bunch of audio files in that algorithm.

Is there a way to prevent this ? coz i must say that elastique pro does sound better then standard (which is very easy on the disk cache)


Not sure what you mean by disk cache…I thought it was a realtime process, so should only add cpu use.

Check this out:

I’ve warped whole tracks (40 plus full length wavs) before to correct bad tempo drift & things did get a little sluggish but were still workable.

Maybe as an experiment you could try saving the song with a new name & then bounce selection for all your audio tracks. They will still be in musical mode but maybe freezing any other edits you may have done & consolidating to longer files will help. Not sure of this is a solution but it may get you nearer to identifying the cause.

It’s in the preferences. Don’t remember the page…