Musical Mode and Project Offset causing events to move

If you record/edit audio and then remove a project offset, setting Musical Mode produces unexpected results. This repro is a basic summary of how this developed:

  • Create a project with an offset of 1 bar
  • Record and edit some audio (*details later)
  • Remove the project offset, keeping bar positions
  • In the Pool, set tempos and then set the audio to Musical Mode
  • Some events at or near bar 1 now “disappear”
  • Revert to just before setting MM and select one of the moving events
  • Repeat MM and watch the start time jump to a ludicrous value - bar 1000 and something in one case!
  • After recording I created several tracks/lanes and comped widely. Not all events jump, not even all those at bar 1. It’s not related to the file as events that move are not exclusive to any file.

The workaround:
Restore the project offset before setting MM (and any tempos), then re-remove it.