Musical Mode for Multi Track (Grouped) Drums

Can Musical be used for Multi Track Drums in a group folder? And would you have to define length and enable it in each track individually or would they all follow one track? and would there be any phase issues?

Trying out different tempos for songs. Want to avoid slice and quantize until tempo is decided on.


that is easy with Cubase 6. Using it all the time

  1. Select for example the bassdrum or the OH track
  2. Go to the menu “project” and click on “tempo” detection
  3. Cubase will now analise the tempo

Now you can to what ever you want with the tempo. I use it allot for live recordings.

Next step that you can do is:

  1. select all the tracks
  2. Go to the menu “Audio” and go to “Advanced” and select “Set definition from tempo”. Don’t forget to select the right algorithm for your tracks



“TA Chris”
That helps my understanding. I’ll give that a try with the definitions on a track where the drummer is off the mark. I have had success putting all the tracks into musical mode and then activating the group edit button. They follow the tempo changes just fine ( Using elastique pro time) algorythm. is that the one I should use for Multi track drums?

Thanks again