Musical Mode Issues

Hi everyone - I am having some issues with Musical Mode. I have a song I tracked and had to adjust a bunch of tracks that were recorded at the wrong tempo elsewhere to match the final mix. Now I want everything to just be locked without being in musical mode since I am trying to do an extract tempo and when I do that all the tracks get changed and everything is out of timing.

What options, if any, do I have? Bounce everything? Is there a way to tell a clip, once its tempo has been stretched to just stay there and go back to linear mode?

I am just trying to detect tempo of the final mix and every time I run it, all the clips get out of alignment! I am so confused!

Thank you in advance.


Hi and welcome,

Select the Audio event and go for the Bounce Selection. This will “lock” the tempo corrections to the file. Then you can decide to use the Musical Mode or not again.