musical mode question

if you see in the screencasti want to change the project tempo up to 150 from 142, when i open the audio pool, and set the tempo to the audio file you see it changes it and doesnt keep it locked in position, then when i undo it doesn’t even change it back to the original way it was. It seems broken? And if not what is the advantage of having this type of control over the samples? In REAPER you can just set timebase of items/envelopes/markers/ to “beats(position/length/rate)” and when u change the tempo of the project all the audio files are “locked in” if you will and snapped to the grid to be stretched with the project.

Perhaps someone can shed some light on this.
Thank you!!! <3 cubase7

Tempo in the pool is fot the original tempo of the track and shouldn’t be touched if correct.

You seem to be altering the length of a riser / downer effect?

Much easier to alter by timestretching in the arrange page by turning resize function on the pointer , (pressing ‘1’ till a clock appears at the pointer = sizing applies time stretch), then turn of the snap and re size by dragging corner of part and listen back.

Musical mode will struggle if there are no beats / hitpoints in your audio sample. But do all this work with the project set at 150 bpm first.

thing like fx with either no beats or that are very short, use your judgement if musical mode fails…

I find musical mode only gives reliable results if the initial beats detection is spot on correct. If not you can correct this (ask me if you want to know, wont bother going into it now).

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

@beatmac ok, what ive noticed is i would have had to alter each audio sample by drag/timestretch to grid so both left and right part of the wav move, i guess coming from REAPER, cubase7 way of handling items and time stretching them after the fact, seems kinda confusing Ive wrapped my head around it, but still kinda disappointing, i feel cubase should already have similar function with items in respect to moving the tempo after the project is mostly filled…i think to get um all is et definition to tempo? b i noticed that didn’t work like cubase 6, and beatmac, did you see tho in the video when i would undo cubase wouldn’t bring the wav back to its original state after setting musical in the audio pool?

set all the pool tempos to the original project tempo, set musical mode, then change the project tempo in the tempo track!

What Split said above is the correct way of going about what you want to achieve here. Also wanted to add, in the Pool, you can choose which algorithm to use for tempo changes based on the results you seek. Experiment with the different Elastique algorithms.

Here’s a video showing the process:


if you see in the video that’s exactly what i did… i opened the pool, set the tempo, and you can see in the video that it made the sample change all crazy and didn keep it locked to he grid where it laid, i know i can stretch the edge of the item manually and it will work, but i have lots of items scattered around the project.

Don’t set audio tracks to musical mode, just check straighten up in pool and set any MIDI tracks to musical mode.

You can´t set tracks to musical mode, only audio events /-files.

In the Inspector, to the right of the Monitor button there’s a “Toggle time base between Musical and Linear” button. Have you tried that?