Musical Mode Tempo Question

Hi All

Ok so I have a strange one here.

I turn off tempo track & set my tempo to say 150bpm & record an 4 bar audio event. I then switch on musical mode for this event in the info bar. The audio shrinks! If I go to the Pool window I see the event tempo is 89bpm? Strange as I recorded & play back at 150bpm.

So as an experiment I recorded 3 separate takes, all at 150bpm & changed nothing for each. When I clicked on musical mode for them each one shrunk again. This time though each was different! One at 84.5bpm, one at 94.2bpm & one at 104bpm :cry:

So what is happening here? Have I got something set wrong? I presume the track should be in musical rather than linear mode.

Any ideas would be helpful :smiley:

Select them all in the pool and set them to 150 bpm.

No thatĀ“ s Cubaseā€¦

Tracks do not have musical or linear mode.