Musical mode working incorrect sometimes

I wanted to try a few different tempos on some of the parts on my project.

However when I change some of the events into musical mode they immediately change size and get out of sync with the tempo (even without
me changing the tempo on the tempotrack). they are recorded in the correct tempo, in this case 130, that they should be, and checking the pool confirms this, and even though that is the tempo that is still active on the tempo track, as soon as I activate musical mode on these events, the events shrink and get out of sync. Now This problem did not arise on all files/events, in this case it happened with the guitars, but vocals and bass were fine they stayed the right size and when I change the tempo on the tempo track they changed tempo accordingly like I expected them to do

On another place in the same project the issue is even more weird. changing this event to musical mode cause the music to move around, or time stretch or whatever it is that happens in this case ( the event does not seem to become longer or shorter in this case). However, usually I can turn musical mode off again and things atleast go back to how they were, but now instead the music in the event moves again, and if I switch musical mode on and off a couple of times the music becomes more and more off for each switch I make, instead of just having 2 positions depending on whether musicla mode is on or off.

I also had a similar problem with the bass at another place in the project. I moved an event from the second chorous to to the first, and even though
those parts have the same tempo, the event still shrunk and got out of sync. Here musical mode was not activated on these events, but something something which I think is relted to this happned

Steinberg, if you want me to share the project I have were this happens, I can of course do that, or maybe you can replicate the issue anyway and fix it.
But please have a look at this bug. And also, this relates to Cubase Pro 10

I would suggest to create new version of all tracks and then bounce all the events. Then try again…

thank you! I thought about that after a while as well. Glad that you suggest the same, it should work, I will try it next time I am working with that project. However, I still assume it is a bug and I think that Steinberg should look into it.

I have the same problem:
I open an empty project.
Next, I’ll add an audio track.
Next, I record my voice and say 1 2 3 4 on the beats of the first bar.
Next, I click on the event and put it in “Musical Mode”.
Problem: All the recorded numbers are moved and are no longer synced to the beat.
Why is it? What can I do to get it back in sync with the beat?

You have to ”Set definition from tempo” on the audio event first. After that it should work.

Thanx Backlet It worked! Funny enough it was put into musical mode automatically after this setting. Can I somehow read about this in order to understand it as well? I googled a lot and read about to render it or to bounce it… but your answer makes more sense to me.