Musical Symbols in Standard Text

Hi together!

I’m afraid this might be a silly question, but I cannot find an answer in the manual. How can I include musical symbols (such as quarter notes e.g.) into standard text? In the attached example the music in the upper system is a bit faster than the music in the lower system. This was easy to create: I simply created a 15/16 time signature in the upper system and applied a 16:15 tuplet over it.

I want to have to different tempo indications: q = 64 in the upper system, q = 60 in the lower one. Of course this can only be realized with standard text (shift+X). How can I fiddle the symbol for quarter notes into standard text?

Thank you for your help!


P.S. Musical symbols in Standard Text might be very helpful in many other cases - for example in editor’s notes.

Dear Ben,
This is possible using Bravura Text Font, and copy-paste from the Browse the glyphs | SMuFL site. With shift-X, you can mix different fonts, change sizes. Granted, it’s not as easy as writing text, but it works. If you’re familiar with inputing unicode codes, you can use them too. Just make sure you use the right font (Bravura Text).

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Hello Ben,

your song title has an interesting spelling :wink:
It is an almost perfect phonetic transcription
“henzchen kline”

“Hänschen klein” by Franz Wiedemann (de) (1821–1882) is a German folk song and children’s song originating in the Biedermeier period of the 19th century. The song’s English translation is “Little Hans”.

Henzchen Klein.png
Hänschen klein.png

Dear Marc,
thank you very much. That’s exactly, what I was looking for.

Dear k_b!

I wrote “Henzchen” intentionally. Of course, this was only a joke - inspired by the german composer H.W.Henze, who (as far as I know) never wrote multi-tempo scores. But maybe he should have done. I also could have written “Henschen klein” in allusion to the luthier Dieter Hense.
The score I wrote was not a genuine work, it was only an attempt to realize a multi-tempo score - in order to compose some serious music in the distant future.

But the spelling I like most ist yours: “henzchen kline”. Perfect!


fantastic joke and subtle at the same time, I like it :slight_smile: