Musicians for Haiti - Update

Resurrecting an old topic…

I found out this morning that a good friend and minister in my church is going to Haiti next weekend to provide spiritual support for my church’s work there. I knew that he didn’t know about the musical project we did last year, so after service I spoke to him on the side about it and what it meant to us.

He said that if I would send him a link he would listen to the music. I suggested also that he burn a CD and leave it with the priest in charge there so that our music will have a direct impact on the people there, i.e. so that they’ll know that we cared enough about them to produce something as good as what we did with the intention of providing monetary support through donations.

When I hear from him after the trip I will post an update here.

sounds like a good cause- is it a song for sale on itunes or amazon mp3? I can plug it on my facebook, (“Chris’s Music And Mash-Ups” in Sacramento CA)If there is another for Japan not already done I would contribute something if needed musically

This project is long done. We still have the BandCamp site up ( if you want to hear what we here did as a group.

Nice one Larry! Yeah…keep us posted :sunglasses:

Nice! Often the relief efforts of distant people never reach the affected. So this is refreshing, even if it is only going to lift a few spirits… still worth it.

very cool- anything for Japan in the works?

I’ve contributed to one song that was in response to Japan but at the rate we’re going Japan will have been completely rebuilt before it’s released. :confused: It’s a good song though so hopefully you’ll collectively agree that it was worth the wait.

To answer your real question, though, we are not planning anything of this magnitude for Japan. I think I can speak for everyone when I say we were disappointed that the media wouldn’t pick up the story, which contributed to (but wasn’t solely responsible for) the fact that we only raised USD$100 for 3+ months’ of work.

I emailed my friend but haven’t received a response. However, I don’t know if he was there only for last weekend of if he stayed the week.