Musicians have Advantage When It Comes To Long-Term Memory

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Interesting; if true.

Yep, my long term memory is fine but…what was I going to say… :wink:.

A recent Canadian study has demonstrated the effectiveness of antioxidants on brain health and found that specific proteins build up in the body before attacking the brain and that antioxidants help to alleviate oxidative stress.

While people my senior often make jokes such as “I won’t know” dementia tends to be a progressive illness that gets worse with age and is exacerbated by poor nutrition and lifestyle.

My brain is oxidizing :open_mouth:

I find it amazing that I am 76 years old and so many friends have lost it and have Alzhiemers much much earlier
in life. I do think that music helps the brain in so many ways. Now if I could only remember where my music room is
and get to it.

lol^^ :laughing:

Nice to see you’re still around John, hopefully I won’t catch up to you anytime soon ( I’m 68 )

My mother had Alzheimer’s in her 80’s, and by the time she was in her 90’s it was impossible to go see her anymore, it was too sad, but she seemed to be totally happy in her own world, she passed at 96.

Short term memory is my biggest problem, long term is just fine.

Hmmm the test should have added more control test groups, I can play 3 instruments but Can’t read music, although I understand basic music theory and scales.
I wonder what that test would have produced…

Cubase tells you if you have “produced” a valid chord in MIDI at least.

The link to the research isn’t to do with Cubase? :confused:

Nothing other than to mention that it is indeed not necessary to be able to read music, as it was in past times.

Not only long term memory, IQ also :wink: We use both sides of our brain.

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