MusicLab RealGuitar No Playback But Sounds When Clicking Notes

I have the latest version of Dorico Pro on Windows 10.

Is anyone using MusicLab’s RealGuitar in Dorico?

I have allowed RealGuitar’s VST3 and the instrument now appears in the VST Instruments panel on the ‘Play’ tab. RealGuitar opens and I am able to select chords and patterns and these sound when clicking on the keyboard in RealGuitar.

I added chords to a document in ‘Write’ view and when clicking on the chords with the mouse directly in the document they sound. However, when I click on ‘Play’, the cursor moves across the bars but there is no playback.

I’m sure I’m missing something basic but can’t find what it is. Can anyone advise please?

Thanks for any help with this.

If RealGuitar requires the program to send tempo information to the RealGuitar VST (which DAW’s can do), Dorico is not there yet.

It’s been quite a while since I have used RealGuitar, and the last time was in a DAW, but don’t you have to select the chord and then ‘play’ or ‘strum’ it by playing keys much higher up while holding down the chord tones you desire. In Dorico you will have to trigger the strums using a different voice on the same stave, however, you will still see those strumming notes as you can’t hide them. You can have a separate strumming stave maybe, set to the same midi channel, and ultimately hide that staff. Or you can use the ‘create staff below’ and ‘remove staff below’ functions which will allow you to record additional ‘stumming’ notes in your part, and which will ultimately not be seen once you ‘remove the staff’. You also need to use solo and not ensemble players. Unless RealGuitar has changed it’s M.O. since I last used it, then this should work.