MusicXML files created with Dolet 8

I just downloaded the new Dolet 8 for Sibelius (can I say that word?) to convert my .sib files over to Dorico 4 (love, love, love the new version!). I have compared Dolet 6 to Sibelius’s own XML Export and now wanted to compare using the new Dolet 8. After I create the MusicXML file and go to import into Dorico, I get this error message:
Screen Shot 2022-01-20 at 5.34.07 PM
The original Sib files are all solo piano, nothing else. Dolet 6 works fine. Thank you!

The file you try to import is in MusicXML version 4.0 format (the <concert-score> element is new in version 4.0). Dorico does not support MusicXML version 4.0 specific elements yet.


Ideally, Dorico would ignore MusicXML 4.0 elements … but not ‘concert-score’.
You might open the xml file with a text editor and delete line 24. The file will then import but throw some error messages for unknown elements or attributes.

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Dorico 4 is still expecting MusicXML 3.1 files, so when you open a MusicXML 4.0 file, it will complain about elements that are new or different in the MusicXML 4.0 schema. However, this won’t affect the import in any meaningful way because Dorico also doesn’t support any of the features in MusicXML 4.0 anyway as yet.

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Fortunately, both Finale and the Sibelius Dolet plug-in support Music XML 3.1 export, which avoids serious problems when imported into Dorico.

Do you know how I can get Dolet for Sibelius to export MusicXML 3.1?

I am sorry to say that any simple import of a Dolet 8 file from Sibelius is finally stopped by the message ‘concert-score’ and that nothing is then imported. This line must be manually deleted from each MusicXML file that is to be imported.

OK, yes, fair enough. We will try to prioritise updating the schemas we are shipping and validating against to the MusicXML 4.0 ones in the near future. It’s not a completely trivial job, but we will do it as soon as we can.


I have the “concert-score” problem also, but removing this line one the file lead to other errors (same message on Dorico and

After that error Dorico imported only 3 instruments from 14 (Sibelius displayed also an error but imported all the instruments).

To fix this, I imported the MusicXML file into MuseScore (which also displayed an error but imported all the instruments) and then exported it in MusicXML.

Dorico imported it with all the instruments, but some instruments were not correct in NotePerformer: all the ensemble strings (Violin I, Violin II, …) are transformed as solo strings.

Hope that temporary workaround helps.

If you edit an XML file, you have to be sure to preserve the structure. It’s rarely as simple as deleting one line. The <concert-score> element will have attributes and a closing tag. Better to just answer the error Dorico throws from the intact XML file.

There is only one occurence of <concert-score/> in the XML file, so I just deleted this line.

Finale gives you the option to export MusicXML 3.1 files, but Dolet for Sibelius does not.

This may not help in this situation, but it’s worth mentioning. When I exported a musicxml from band in a box I got error messages when importing to Sibelius. Upon examining the xml file I discovered that a super long line had been split into two lines. Restoring the line back to one line solved the problem.