Musicxml from sibelius extra measure added in one player

Very odd behavior, I’ve tried deleting the bar in dorico, but I think there’s a bug here regardless. Does anyone have this experience? Thanks

It is most likely that Sibelius has badly configured the xml (this happens frequently when there are many different complex tuplets). As a check, try opening the xml in MuseScore.

You will be able to sort this out in Dorico without too much trouble, but depending on how much music there is following this passage, it might be quicker to take a look at the original project in Sibelius and see whether you can fix the situation that is causing this extra bar to be exported. I daresay it will end up being related to the tuplets somehow.

I’ve deleted the tuples in the passage leading up to the extra bar, but now another extra barline appears. You say I’d be able to sort this out in Dorico; how? I’ve tried rebarring but that doesn’t help. Is there someway to force the bars to get in synch? This only appears to occur in the last player’s part. I’ll try deleting that then reimporting that part alone. But I’d really like to know what facilities in Dorico are available for dealing with problems like this. I’ve got a lot of old orchestra scores in sibelius I’d like to move over. Avid tech support is the last resort.

How did you create your xmls? Directly from Sibelius, or using the Dolet plug-in? If the former, try the latter. You might be getting better results with the last dolet version. My 2 c.

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Thanks! It seems to handle the bars better, they stay in synch. B ut gradually towards the end all the notes are gone; only dynamics and phrase markings remain. Too bad! I wonder what sibelius is doing to xml output that causes so many different problems.

What starts in sibelius stays in sibelius!

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When an xml export stops partway through, it is usually the originating software’s implementation of a tuplet structure that causes it. Look for a tuplet near the stopping point of the import, note where it is, remove it, and try exporting the xml again.


Yes, I’ve tried that. It seems to help in that one area but with sibelius export it just creates a new problem elsewhere. The Dole plugin seems to handle most tuplets, but then some other problem appears that causes the notes to disappear. Really odd; you’d think xml export could be easily testable, but I guess it’s not a priority. Thanks

My guess is there are rounding errors in how Sib calculates the complex tuplets, which results in xml bars that have an incorrect length. The only solution I’ve found is (as others suggest) delete the offending bars - but add a text note there to remind you! - and manually re-enter the offending bars in Dorico. I agree with @MarcLarcher that the Dolet plugin is much the best way to export from Sib.

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