MusicXML import incompatibility

GuitarPro clearly produces idiosyncratic XML files (the file renders equally badly in both MuseScore and Sibelius). There are many threads here about the limitations of xml.

Probably a better route to bring music from GuitarPro into Dorico is to open the GuitarPro file directly in MuseScore and then export MusicXML from there, then bring that into Dorico.

That is a good point about opening the Guitar Pro file directly rather than use XML. Therefore there must be open software for reading gp files (all styles of GP files, gp3, gp4, gp5, gp6, gpx, gp).

What is the likelihood that Dorico will gain the ability to load gp files directly?

It would be a lot of work to build a file importer for Guitar Pro files. I wouldn’t rule it out, but it’s not something we’re likely to be working on imminently.

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I would also definitely use that. I moved away from guitar pro to musescore and then to dorico for how the notation looks (plus the overall organisation/workflow), but still have got tons of guitar-specific parts/tabs in GP format that I need to reference and would love to import into dorico!

Welcome to the forum,! I believe MuseScore 4 includes a much improved Guitar Pro importer, so you could go from GP to Dorico by way of MusicXML exported from MuseScore.

Thank you a lot for that update, I will give it a go!