MusicXML import issue - from Dolet 8 for Sibelius


Although I switched to Dorico several years back, I have some older scores in Sibelius and Finale that I would like to get moved over to Dorico to make revisions to them. I just bought a perpetual upgrade for Sibelius to bring it up to the current release and installed Dolet 8 to try to get the best XML conversion.

It seems like one bar in particular is messing Dorico up - when trying to import the XML, it is importing incorrectly, and all notes after that are missing.

Here is the original bar from Sibelius (bar 27):


And here is what ends up in Dorico for that bar:

All bars in the piano after bar 27 do not appear in the Dorico import. If I delete the top staff of the piano in bar 27 in Sibelius and export again, it exports the piano correctly until bar 35, where it has a similar problem. Both bars feature two voices with sextuplets in one voice. Other bars have sextuplets with only one voice, which are fine, or other tuplets with two voices, which also seems to work fine.

When I try importing the same MusicXML into MuseScore, it works just fine.

I’ve attached the MusicXML file - is there any way to fix this without deleting the offending bars in Sibelius before exporting?

Annunaki Fragments v3e attempt to fix musicxml export (102.3 KB)

Did you try to re-export it from Musescore?


Yes, I did. It shows a little differently in bar 27, but still is not correct, and is still missing all bars after that in the piano.

If I delete the top piano staff in all four bars that have a sextuplet in one voice and two voices used in the bar, then it exports correctly. Those are bars 27, 35, 37 and 39. So I can probably just re-enter the top piano stave notes manually in those four bars, but I’m going to have other scores to move over later and it would be nice to have a better fix.

This is the simplest fix. I usually add a text note in the xml where I deleted failing tuplets, so I don’t forget to rewrite them!

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I ran into some similar issues when exporting from Sibelius. I found that if I deleted the tuplets in Sibelius before exporting it loaded fine. In another situation it had something to do with rests (hidden or not I can’t remember) in other voices than the visible notation. Making sure only voice 1 notes were present seemed to work in that situation.
It’s probably worth mentioning that I couldn’t see much, if any difference between the built-in musicxml export and using the plugin dolet.

It really depends on the music and how it’s written. I don’t need this for a good couple of years but when I really had to deliver xml files as my output (and had to do it through Sibelius because Dorico was lacking too many things) in order to feed Verovio, I experienced many situations were Dolet was far superior.

When I was transferring my previous Sibelius files to Dorico I couldn’t tell much difference between the built-in export and plugin. I never could get the batch export of a folder using the plugin to work. Most of the stuff I compose or arrange is relatively easy and not too complex (amateur groups and stuff I need to be able to play without much, if any practice). For one project I’m involved with I have to deliver xml output for use in verovio too but the particular project will only work with music exported from musescore. (I never could get a satisfactory output from Sibelius and with Dorico not exporting system text or fermatas I don’t even try).