MusicXML import issues

  1. imported a trio for Trumpet in Bb, Horn in F and Trombone. The Score is in C, exported from Finale 25.1. In the Dorico score rendition the Instruments read Trumpet in Bb in Bb, Horn in F in F … showing Key Signatures, but the notes are shown at sounding pitch… In the parts, the transposition is correct, but there are no key signatures. Most importantly: the STEM directions are taken from the sounding pitches, which means they are completely wrong when transposed up a 5th!

UPDATE: when MusicXML was exported using Finale 2014.5 and the DOLET plugin, the frozen Stem Issue was solved.

  1. imported a piano piece written on 3 staves with a brace, and named Piano. In Dorico it opens as a piece for 3 flutes with bracket and sub-bracket. How to change that most effectively to a piano with a brace?