MusicXML imported slurs and dynamics interpretation

I have imported a MusicXML file created by Dorico. The score looks OK with both dynamic marks and slurs but none seem to be reflected in the interpretation. I thought the dynamic markings (pp, ff, <> etc.) should show in the note velocity and or in the CC11 lane but all velocities are identical at 100 and the CC11 lane is empty.

I managed to get . (dot) to be interpreted as staccato using the attribute in the expression map but it is impossible to mark all slurs in a 1000 bar+ composition with a text legato. (even if it would be invisible) A workaround might be to change the default Long to Legato and mark remaining, not so many, long notes but that is a bit weird.

I managed to get the modulation and expression tracks from Dorico by importing a Midi version of the same composition and copying the score from the MusicXML version to the imported Midi tracks. Copying the velocities is not possible as they are an integrated feature of the Midi notes. A time consuming affair as well.

On the other hand Cubase does not seem to recognize the dynamics markings which were imported in the score although they all match Cubase dynamic marking convention. As per the dynamics mapping in Cubase they should influence the velocities.

There is not much point of having an MusicXML import function if that basic feature is not working.

I will probably export wave audio tracks from Dorico instead and process those in Cubase to improve the final mockup sound.