Musicxml quarter tones


I’m trying to import a Sibelius file into Dorico via musicxml to start the revision of an old work.
Quarter tones are used in this piece but Dorico does not have them when opening the musicxml file.
I tried to “select all” then choose “24EDO” then “Atonal” Key signature but no change.

I did check to import the file with musescore to see if the culprit was in the musicxml file but the quarter tones display fine in it.

I’m missing something right ?


It will depend on exactly how the microtones are represented in the MusicXML file. Could you post it here?

Like this…

 <note color="#000000" default-x="51" default-y="-39">
    <tie type="start" />
    <instrument id="P1-I1" />
    <beam number="1">end</beam>
     <tied type="start" orientation="over" />

ok, so Dorico needs the alter parameter to be 0.5 or else…
That must be it.
I will try to edit the text file before importing

Yes, that’s exactly it - Dorico will import microtones but only if the “alter” value matches the accidental.

oh well, obviously I can’t just edit the alter params by hand, it’s much too big.
I guess I will have to code something for that since the find & replace needs to find the text strings first and then change the corresponding alter tags :frowning:

Does it work better if you use the xml exported from MuseScore? I understand that MuseScores xml capabilities are sometimes higher than the others, and I think I already imported successfully quarter tones from MuseScore without trouble… It’s worth a try.

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Nope, I tried that but the “alter” element stays the same as in the original musicxml.

Have you tried exporting from Sibelius using Dolet instead of Sibelius’ built-in export? I haven’t got Sibelius in front of me to try it out now, but there are some situations where Dolet gives more useful output - I’m afraid I can’t remember whether this is one of them though.

Oh thank you that worked !
What a relief : I did have a Python script working at this time but I was in front a big issue with quarter tones in tied notes that was not easy to resolve.
Thanks again


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