Must record always be on locators - why not just where cursor is?


I get bummed up about this, always have to fiddle and remember to move locators to where record is supposed to start.

Did I activate some punch in by accident - or is Cubase like this always?

I try to remember to Alt click on left and right buttons in toolbar to put locators there in same spot - but forget too often.

I feel enslaved and trapped by this - anything I did wrong?
No other daw that I remember do this - only when you select to do punch in stuff.

Just put cursor in spot - press record…and count in starts and then cursor moves as record is active… nothing more to it.
Any suggestion to solve this are much appreciated.

If nothing to do I must make R command a macro that do these things for me. Just think I do something wrong.


Sounds like - all you have to do is to have a look…

Of course not. Cubase starts recording whereever the cursor is.

I believe this is the option you’re looking for:

Well, there you are - common record modes - I hoped I missed something and I did.

Thanks djw