Mute an entire track when mutli output from Kontakt

Hi all,

Imagine you create a Kontakt track.
Then you activate multi-output in Kontakt(for example ST.1 = Main Micro, ST2 = Room Micro, ST.3 = Close Micro,…)

Now, if I mute the “parent” track (the first on the picture with the number 1), sound is still here.

I mean, how is it possible to Mute the complete track and all mics ? (I cannot imagine that I have to mute each output individually ? There is a “master” mute button no ?



You Mute the source MIDI track in this case in fact. If you would Mute it in the MixConsole, you would Mute the 1st Audio Return.

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Hi Martin,

You mean the first audio return “after” in my signal routing (in this case the Stereo Out but could be a group, a VCA,…) ?

To be sure of what I’m spaking, here my config where Main mic in Kontakt is set to ST1 and Room Mic set to St2


I mean the Piano Main in the MixConsole.

Hum, then something is wrong on my side because if I mute the Piano Main in the mix console, the Room mic is still earable

Yes, that is correct and what is expected, because in the mix console, you only see the audio path, not the instrument (this is what Martin meant).

Else, I cannot reproduce your problem. If I mute the primary track of a multi out instrument, I get no sound from any instrument on playback (which is kind of logical, because you mute the MIDI input)

It is different on live playing with “record enable” or “monitor input” activated, those have precedence over the mute button. Maybe that is what you mean? In that case, yes, you would have to mute individual outputs.

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Thanks fese, Martin,

@Fese, I understood Martin’s answer better with your explanation.
And after some headache, I just realized I tried to mute a track without any midi block inside.
It’s terrible to be anchored in something and to work hard without understanding why it doesn’t work.
I’m a stupid boy…

Thanks guys !