mute and edit all lanes simultaneously

Hi guys,
I am sure there is a simple solution to it but I can’t find it…
working with many lanes on a track, I want to mute a part on the track, but mute all the lanes that are
in that area. What is the way to do it, without having it mute only the active lane and jumping to the next
lane? Same with editing the audio on the track: I want to push it, to move it, or make it short, but then only the active lane is edited and the rest of the lanes are not.

I want to be able to edit the main track and have it influence all the lanes. The must be a simple way to do it. Am I missing something?
Thank you :sunglasses:


The easiest way is to select all lanes via Object Selection tool (it’s easier to do so, when the lanes are collapsed) and then apply the change.

For deleting, you can use Range tool. Select the range in the main track (not lanes), and delete (cut). You can use the same for the Split or Crop function.

Thanks martin! It’s definitely a way to do it and I will use it. still, it’s a little cumbersome, specially if you group two channels. There should be a way to just tell the track “edit all lanes” - and than when you edit everything on your main track all the lanes underneath it follows.


For multiple track, you can move them to the folder, and then edit the folder track.