Mute and unmute not possible in editor mode Cubase11pro

i switched from cubase 5 to 11pro. And there’s a function that I was used to using constantly that doesn’t work on the new one. (It will be a little difficult to explain, but I will try)
When I open an event (in this case in the key editor) I can’t mute or unmute this event. But when I minimize the key editor to the bottom of the panel, this function already works.
Is there any way to get this function working normally, as it used to work in cubase 5?


You probably mean, when you open the Key Editor of the MIDI Part, right?

Once the Key Editor (or any other editor) is open, the “M” Key Command doesn’t Mute the parent track anymore, because the focus is in the Key Editor. It’s specified like this.

yes that’s it.
it’s terrible, to make an investment in a program, in order to improve the work, and in some points, this advance in technology is a setback. It doesn’t make sense in a new version to have fewer possibilities.
I really need this function for the kind of work I do. It’s almost essential.

Are you using multiple video monitors, or at least one monitor with both the Project Page and Key Editor in view which certainly helps show the focus?

To make sure I understand your objective, you want the Key Editor open in a separate Cubase window (not use of the lower zone) and when working in the Key Editor, you want to mute/unmute?

Could you create a macro? Assuming you are starting with the Key Editor is in focus…

Project>Bring to Front
Edit>mute (assume your track is in focus in the project page)
Editors>open Key Editor (this will bring back the focus to the Key Editor)

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If you would use this Macro, I would recommend to enable the Preferences > Editing > Track Selection Follows Event Selection. Then you are sure, the track of the currently opened Key Editor is selected. Otherwise you could have other tracks selected, because the track selection and the MIDI Part selection is not in sync.


Yes, exactly. that’s what I need, just like I usually do in cubase 5. With a simple click on the “M” key , to mute and unmute. Do you think it’s possible?
I’ve tried to do what you suggested, but I’m not succeeding. When I call the newly created macro, it opens the key editor in the lower zone.
Could you explain the step by step better?


Change the Preferences > Editors > Open Editor XCommands Open Editors in a WIndow.

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thank you, that part is resolved, but the question of mute and unmute, which is the essential question, remains.


The specification has changed.