Mute button behaviour - track mute vs mixer mute

I have spent a long time figuring out how the mute buttons behave after I had an issue with the mixer view not reflecting the mute status of the track view.

I am sharing my observation hoping that I can spare you the pain of going through this.

Case 1:
Create an instrument track; have no other MIDI track feeding into this.
Default state is mute OFF: image
Behaviour (ok, intuitive):

  • If the track mute is pressed, the instrument mutes and the mixer mute also shows ‘mute’ on.
  • Mute/Unmute works on either track or mixer button.
  • Only one additional state is possible:
    mute ON: image

Case 2:
Create an instrument track (Track 1).
Create a MIDI track (track 2) feeding into the instrument, either same of additional MIDI channel.

Behaviour (not intuitive):
Case 2.1 - we hear the sound from only track 1

  • If the track mute of the instrument is pressed, only the MIDI of this track is muted.
  • The instrument is not fully muted.
  • The mixer button does not show mute as “ON”.

Case 2.2 - we hear no sound:

  • If now the track mute of the MIDI is pressed, this MIDI track is muted.
  • The mixer mute of the instrument is NOT showing mute

Case 2.3 - we hear no sound:

  • If ONLY the MIXER mute button is set to mute ON (all other three are OFF), the whole instrument is muted
  • Now the track mute buttons have no effect.


  • The mixer mute represents the instrument
  • The track mute represents the MIDI channel

Hop this helps,

Have a good transition into a musical 2024 :slight_smile:


You are almost right. The MixConsole Mute represents the Main (1st) Audio Return of the Instrument.

I did not want to complicate this topic with the option of having multiple audio outs (which appear as additional instrument channels in the mixer).
Therefor, as the instrument I was using one instance of Halion with two sounds on channel 1 and 2 like so:

The point I might forgot to explicitely state in the conclusion is:

  • With an instrument and no further MIDI tracks assigned to it, the track mute button is in sync with the one in the mixer / kind of controls the audio output. Both buttons act in the same way.
  • In opposition, after assigning a MIDI track to the same instrument, the track mute button does not sync and does not control the audio anymore. The track mute and mixer mute get disconnected for the reason of controlling different purposes.
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