Mute Disable on a Channel.

To put it simply, I need to prevent a channel from ever being muted, no matter what! Why?
I have some Hardware Synths coming into the ‘Analog In’ of the Audio Interface through a Mixer, eventually ending up on an AUDIO channel in Cubase 10.5 (with the Monitor function enabled). Each Hardware Synth, of course, has its own Midi Channel/s.
Whenever I ‘SOLO’ any one of the MIDI Channels, all other Channels, as you would expect, become muted. This includes the above mentioned Audio Track which I need to Monitor all the Hardware Synths, so I cant hear a thing!
Of course I can go back and click this and that to solve the problem, but a smarter way is ‘Disable’ the Mute of a Channel to prevent it from ever being muted.
I’ve been wanting this feature for years, I really hope it gets included in the next update.


Use the Solo Defeat (Alt + Ctrl/Cmd + click the Solo button) on the track, which shouldn’t be muted.

Hi, I have tried that. The ‘S’ is replaced with a 'D" to confirm the Solo Defeat State, but the sound is still muted through that Audio Track when I SOLO any of the MIDI Tracks.


Did you Solo Defeat the MIDI track or the Audio Return?

The Audio Return.


Then probably the MIDI data has not been sent. I expect you would need to Solo Defeat both in fact.

I have worked it out. Refer to attached JPG. When adding ‘Solo Defeat’ to the Audio Return channel only and opening the Mixer, the result is shown in the two Yellow Circles in the attached Image. In addition to the ‘Solo Defeat’ on the Audio Return Channel, ‘Solo Defeat’ also needed to be done to the Main Output Channel (The very right hand strip on the mixer), as shown in the blue circled in attached Image. In my case, this is the Main Digital Output of my Audio Card.