mute multiple tracks... how?

I have 10 tracks that I want to mute.
How do I mute them all at once…? I dont want to have to mute each track individually…

Select the tracks, Group them, hit the mute button on the track

You can select the tracks in order by selecting the 1st one then shift click the last one.

Also you can Ctrl click any of them you want to select

Select, hold ctrl + alt, press a mute.

Thanks for your suggestions but they are not the solutions I am seeking…
I guess its not possible in Cubase… in protools you can do this by selecting tracks then option-clicking the function…

Grouping tracks means putting them in a group folder…
That’s not what I want to do, I want to randomly select some tracks then mute them all…
Putting them in a group folder or sending them to a group track is possible and would achieve the same outcome but workflow wise sucks…

Using CTRL-ALT and clicking mute does not mute a set of simultaneously selected tracks…!

Maybe it’s shift + alt, don’t consciously know as my hands do this without wasting a thought :laughing:

No need for a folder or group track here. Just select and use the given modifiers…
or: press quick link (which also has a definable shortcut) then mute…
or: in project window you just have to select and use the mute shortcut (without any modifiers - I guess this behaviour will change to that in the mixer in a future version).

It works, I do this all day long.

Select the tracks, hit M.

I KNOW what Grouping and a folder are my man. You didn’t say you wanted to "to randomly select some tracks then mute them all."

You need to be more SPECIFIC about the the SOLUTION your looking for with your question. There are tons of ways to get the goal. They may or may not be to your workflow and if fact may suck as you say.

As droutloaf said, Select the tracks, hit M As was mentioned

So to sum it up, select tracks, then either:

  • Hold [Shift + Alt] and click on a Mute button on any of the selected tracks.
  • Simply press the [M] key on your keyboard.

Thanks guys.
and ‘m’ on the keyboard are the ones…