Mute playback on 1st/2nd time

How do you mute 1st/2nd playback? Sib has a tick box in Inspector. Have I missed something? Can’t find anything in Getting Started or help.

Go to Play > Playback Options (or press Ctrl/Cmd-Shift-P), click Repeats, then deactivate “Play repeats”.

Do you mean to have the option to mute specific passes of repetitions, like “play on 2nd pass only” indications and such? If that’s the case, then it’s not possible at the moment in Dorico.

Yes lucas this is what I am looking for. Would the Dorico elves please address this issue. Ex Sib users will find this a pain.

At the moment this functionality doesn’t exist in Dorico. That’s not to say it won’t one day exist, or that it isn’t already on the todo list, but right now it isn’t possible.

This is indeed on our backlog

I don’t have time to test it right now, but in some limited situations you might be able to do it with a Playing Technique. Here’s an image from an arrangement I have to finish today:

If I cared about a realistic mockup (not important on this chart), I could assign a Playing Technique after that bar that changes the channel by a relative amount in the Expression Map to a non-existent sound in all the trombones. Then in the 2nd ending when the trombones return, have a PT that changes it back by the same relative amount. Hide the PTs. Obviously this would only work for a 1st time only marking where the instruments return in the 2nd ending or later. Maybe there’s something I’m not thinking through correctly, but I’m not sure why it wouldn’t work in this specific 1st time only situation.

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That’s very clever! In order to make it work in a 1st time only situation, you can place the muting technique at the very end, like a 128th before the barline.

So, that’s good news!