Mute Rhythm slashes in Rhythm Slashes

Hello, is it possible to notate “mute rhythms” and maybe add some other musical symbols like arpeggations and breath marks?
I have seen the “muted slashed noteheads” but I guess they work only for the normal notes and not for the rhythm slashes.
The example is from a Berklee Book on modern guitar!

This is still pretty easy in Dorico, but you are right, you can’t use a slash voice. Just use regular noteheads and apply a slash notehead set.

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Thank you!
I guess there is no easy way to convert a slashed region (in my region the slashes are “hiding” the actual chords) into regular single notes, which I think should be all C notes.
Ops, you forgot the breath mark!

You can use arpeggio lines with slash voices. There’s an option Arpeggio signs on slash voices on the Arpeggio Signs page of Engraving Options, which you can set to Show arpeggio signs.

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I have found it, but the arpeggio sign is so short it needs to be adjusted. I browsed the internet and it seems it is a known issue. I think that the rhythm slashes works well but it would be nice if it could be implemented.

If you are in Engrave mode, you can lengthen the arpeggio sign by using the X and Y offsets:
Screen Shot 2023-04-10 at 9.50.00 AM

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