Mute/Solo and VST bugs

Hi guys,

I’m using Cubase for a long time (since Cubase 5) and I passed thru all the different problems and I still here firm waiting for them to solv all those bugs (That AI bug on the last cubase was a nightmare).

Ok so now I’m working on 9.5 and it just stopped working my mute / solo button… This is like:

If I press solo in ANY TRACK, it mutes some of the tracks of the project but not all the tracks and the solo thing dont work… If I try to mute any track, It simple don’t allow me do to… I click and nothing happens… If I click in any vst channel, it start playing the note D4… I mean, this is unreal… I’ve tried to uninstall and re-install and everything worked for one hour, then, back again the same bug…

Just want to know if anyone experienced this and know how to fix it otherwise, thats the end of the line for me… You buy a DAW you expect it to work…

I’m in a Mac Pro using Sierra and I have a Komplete Kontrol and a Apogee Quartet… thats all…


I would guess this is a routing error. Most probably you sent the state of the buttons to any Remote device (Komplete Kontrol?) and this seems it back in a wrong way.

Make sure you are not using any Remote Devices first, please.

Im not using remote devices and I still have the problem