Mute & Solo

It would be wonderful if we could remove mute and solo as well in the track hidden controls. In particular the solo, I need to be sure solo is never pressed and only Listen because we are using Nuendo for broadcasts as well and I never want to accidentally press the solo button.

Also, I would love to be able to map on the Avid S6 the solo buttons to the Listen instead. In Cubase 7.5 they added that function to Cubase 7.5 though it was undocumented at the time I was able to find it. Perhaps it is there somewhere already in the latest Avid S6 software.

Related to that it would be nice if you could select all the channels and press Stairstep (Command+Option+Shift (⌥⇧)) + click solo to do solo defeat. But at least in the mixer you can turn on Q-Link to get that function with just command+option.