Mute speaker out (but not actual output)?

Is there some way to mute the speaker output, but not the actual output of the port?

On output 10 (on my Tascam us-20x20) i output a sync sound for my modular setup. Obviously this sound is not used for actual audio that i use or want to hear (ticking sound). Is there any way to mute the sound to the speaker but not to the actual output? I can’t seem to figure out how, obviously i cant mute the channel or turn the volume down for the channel, this will remove its function.

Any help would be great.

Edit: oh, the VSTi for sync i use is Silent Way from Expert Sleepers.

Do not send the output 10 signal to the speaker ouput.

Yes that’s what im asking, how would i do that in Cubase? Some way to route the signal so it goes to the output but not to the speaker?

It’s available both as an instrument and as an effect. If that matters for routing etc.

Edit: Nvm, it was in the audio interface mixer, all outs were routed back to speakers. didnt think the sofware mixer would matter if it was disabled and when not running in software mixer mode on the hardware.