Mute specific track with a keyboard shortcut - possible?


I’m coming from the world of Ableton and Live has a great feature: I can map a keyboard shortcut to any function in the appliaction. E.g. I can mute or unmute one or certain tracks just by hitting a certain key on the keyboard.

Is there a way to do this in Cubase too? I know that I can change key commands to access menu functions, but I what I wanna do is mute and umute specific tracks via a key command.

I guess this is not possible at all in Cubase, but maybe someone knows a workaround.
Any tips greatly appreciated!


Hi maxmin,

just select the track(s) and press ‘m’. Is that what you mean?


Luis, thanks for your answer. That’s not exactly what I’m looking for.

I would like to mute and unmute specific tracks without having to select them first. In Live I can tell the application to do something like this: “When I press the key ‘m’ on the keyboard then please mute the tracks trumpets, violins and drums. Also unmute the tracks harp and voices.”
This is very handy for quickly switching between certain track layouts.

Now I could this in Cubase as you suggested but I would have to select all the tracks first, which would make it very slow – I then could as well just use the mouse to mute them.

It’s been awhile so I don’t know if it can still be done or exactly how to do it, but look at the Generic Remote functions. You used to be able to map note messages to program functions.

Thanks for the hint, nice idea. I tried this and got it working for one channel. But when I try to map a note message to multiple mute commands it just works for the first.

Yeah, Generic remote is tricky. The way you did it is assigned a Note to Track X. I’m fairly sure there is a way to do it to selected track.

you can use the Project Logical Editor to first filter the track names (searching for the specific string in the track’s name), then have those selected tracks muted/unmuted (and tie all that to a keycommand / button on your controller). look at the stock PLE presets to learn about programming it, it’s fairly easy. alternatively look around the web, there are articles on the PLE – i believe soundonsound has had a good one, which is now freely accessible online.

Thanks, that’s awesome – does exactly what I need!

glad to see its working for you!