Mute Triangle

is there an easy way to play a muted Triangle? I’m new with Dorico and the other posts did’t helped.
Thank You

the sample library you’re using has to include a muted triangle sound.
it’s not much more complicated than that.

Thank you. I’m working with Noteperformer. I can find it using Sibelius, but not in dorico.

Hi @paul42 You don’t load the mute triangle as instrument. Just create a Player that holds a triangle, in setup mode, and in the score you give the notes a mute Playing Technique (with shift+P, and then write mute in the popover). You can also hide the mute text in the properties panel if you wish. If you need the all piece to play with mute triangle, select all, and apply the PT in the same way. It will elongate the PT for the whole selection:

mute triangle.dorico (473.0 KB)

CleanShot 2024-03-26 at 22.15.49

Hey Christian, thank you so much.
I thought this would work for an open Hi-Hat too, but it doesn’t. Maybe you have also a solution for that?

For the open Hi-hat you have also a Playing Technique that you can apply to the notes (under the Unpitched Percussion section of the PT Panel on the right):

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