mute/unmute problem with mixer

hi all. using 6.0.2 in 32 bit, win 7. so i have a bunch of tracks muted on the arrange page, using the M button. i have for example a bunch of vocal tracks routed to a vocal group. i decide to mute the vocal group on the mixer to work on instrument mix. but: when i unmute the vocal group it unmutes ALL tracks routed to it, even the ones that were supposed to remain muted! in other words, all those little unwanted bits. i don’t remember this happenng in cubase before. it’s caught me out a couple of times in the last week when unwanted vocal snippets are appearing on mixes. the workaround is to mute the audio parts as well. but this seems to be a bug…

Preferences -> VST -> Group Channels: Mute source as well.
If this option is ticked, muting a group channel will mute and later unmute all channels routed to the group, no matter if muted before already that´s the same in C 5, and IIRC all versions before. Unticking the option will at least not unmute muted tracks, but does also not mute post fader FX sends so if the FX retrun does not go to the group as well, you might still hear the wet signal.

thanks; that did the trick. i dont remember activating this in preferences so that’s why i never had the problem before… seems a stupid way to implement something! ed