mute with overlapped events

Hi, I´m new with Cubase 9.With older versions, when you muted (with the mute tool) an event, the overlapped event (the one than was below) did sound. But not in this version: I have to erase the superior event or to select the event I want on. Is it possible to configure this like in older versions of Cubase? I´m searching but I haven´t got any success.


Hi and welcome,

Do you mean a MIDI event? Yes, this is true, you can decide, what event should be muted. This is wanted behavior.

No, my concern is about audio events. When I opened older projects, just testing Cubase 9, some parts of some tracks didn´t sound. This happens because some parts of the track were muted. But there was always an event below, and this event sounded in older versions of cubase (I know, maybe it´s a strange way of editing/mixing, but there´s a lot of tracks like this in my projects). Because of this, I´ve got to check a lot of tracks for missing arragements.

Can I revert this feature, and work like before?


Right, this was (very) old Cubase behavior. Now only the most top layer is audible in the Audio tracks. You cannot change this behavior back.

Ok, thanks a lot.