muted white notes

I set up a new project, all default settings (Cubase 8.5 installed in Win 10 64 last month brand new with no Prefs set up), and recorded 12 bars with about 40 notes. When I copy and paste them to extend the track from where they end, the resultant pasted notes are all white and do not play even though velocity bars under them all have data.

In searching for “white notes” in the Knowledgebase, of course I get a slew of “white” hits and even more “notes” hits (since inexplicably “String Literal” is apparently a foreign term to the Advanced Search option), and weeding through the mass of pages find a couple of references to muted notes; none seemingly applicable since the unmute “X” does nothing when I use it. So I don’t see how they became muted, nor how to unmute them if that’s the problem.

Thanks for any help on what might be happening and how to avoid this in the future when simply copying and pasting notes in a new editing session.

I think you need to extend the part on the main arrange page. It sounds like you have copied notes in the editor to a place beyond the end of the part, so stretch it to include them. You can also copy parts forward on the arrange page to extend a riff or pattern.

I had already extended the track.

I did discover that if I created another track I could copy and paste ALL the notes (included the muted ones) to the new track.

HOWEVER, now I see that all 160 notes EXCEPT for four were copied into the new track. So I get it. Just copy the notes you want to dupe, create a new track, open that in the editor, paste the notes in and then scan them all to be sure none are muted. If any muted notes are found, just delete them and draw them back in.

Easy as pie.
copied & pasted.JPG

Or Molten Lava Cakes