Mutes for brass instruments in the playback?

In the playing techniques popup I’ve typed in “cup mute” on a trumpet but the playback keep playing it natural

Actually I can see from the “play mode” that on the trumpet track the “playing technique” lane is set to “natural” therefore it seems to ignore the “playing technique” set in the “write mode”…

Is there anyway to fix this?

I’m using HAlion Sonic SE VST and the expression map is “HSO Trumpet solo”

(Dorico 3.5)

If you look in HAlion you will see there is no mute patch available for the HSO trumpet.

I thought this might be the cause, but I hoped it wasn’t.
So Dorico can’t playback mutes on brass with its sound libraries by default. It’s a bit of a shame in my opinion since every other notations software is able to do that.

The only thing I can do at this point is to load a third party trumpet vst and create an expression map right?

Yes, you’ll need a sound library that provides these sounds. I believe NotePerformer does, and so too does Garritan Jazz and Big Band.