Muting instrument track

This is kind of a weird question…

I often have an instrument on one track and other MIDI tracks that play out on that instrument track. I also often want to be able to just mute that instrument track which should stop sound from playing out from the MIDI tracks (so far makes sense, right?) Well, sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t, and I can’t figure out why it sometimes doesn’t. I can mute the instrument from the mixer, but not from the main arranger window.

For instance, right now I have a project open with two instruments: one instance of Hauptwerk and one instance of Kontakt, each have three MIDI tracks which are playing out on their respective instrument. The Hauptwerk track I can click the “m” in the arrange window and the sound stops. I can also go into the mixer and see that it has also muted it there. This is what I would expect. The Kontakt instance, however, does not behave this way. I can click “m” in the arranger window and the sound keeps coming. I can also go into the mixer and see that the track is not actually muted. Muting it there will stop the sound from coming out but the mutes do not appear to be linked, as they are with Hauptwerk.

What am I missing here?

A midi monitor insert plugin would tell if actually muted midi or not.

Drop into any midi or instrument track.

I’m thinking something else is going on here and it’s likely an actual bug, because sometimes the behavior changes simply by closing the project and re-opening it. Sometimes this will makes instruments not correctly muting able to correctly mute and sometimes vice versa.

The MIDI monitor insert for me does not work when placed on an instrument track either. It works fine on MIDI tracks, but no information shows up when running it on an instrument track, even with MIDI playing through it.

This has started happening for me too just now.