muting noteperformer instruments - how?

Hi there,

I’m trying to see if I export a demo of a piece with some instruments muted. How is this possible?
The individualised Noteperformer instruments do not appear neither in the Play menu nor in the mixer which is accessible through the Write menu.


In play mode, click on the little “E” beside note performer on the far right side. That will open up the Note performer mixer, which you can use to mute instruments.

Note Performer has its own mixer, and it outputs to the master mixer as just a single fader.

for some reason, this is what I’m seeing when I press E

— no faders or buttons work.


thank you!

That’s strange. The mixer should look slightly different:

I’d suggest a re-install, unless someone else has an idea.

Have you tried changing your playpack template to Silence, then changing it back to Noteperformer to reload it?

Is your NotePerformer mixer on a second monitor? My mixer also appears this way also and appears to me to be a bug - when I drag it to my main screen it looks as expected. I’m hoping someone is working to solve this as it’s admittedly mildly annoying…

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NotePerformer mixer works fine on second monitor here…

Maybe a Mac related thing?

Winner winner!! This was indeed the problem – when I pulled the noteperformer mixer window out from my secondary monitor, it all came back to life.

This seems to be a bug and not a feature, right?

Dorico 2.1.10, Mac OS 10.13.6

Definitely a bug!

FWIW I believe Arne is on top of this bug and it will be fixed in the next NotePerformer update.