Muting/soloing not working as expected when using older file

I’ve created a file in Dorico 3.5 Elements. Now I can open and edit it in Dorico 4 Elements, but I cannot mute/solo instruments in Play Mode. When I click on a single M or S the M/S pops up in all instruments, but the playback does not change. Also Alt+S is not working and I cannot select multiple instruments to use Alt+S. Maybe this is a version conflict? I tried with a fresh Dorico 4 file and here it is working fine.

Are you able to attach the project in which you find this not to be working, so we can take a closer look?

Schumann Knecht Ruprecht.dorico (1.1 MB)
Sure and done, thanks!

It’s because you are using NotePerformer. You need to mute/solo in the NP mixer, not Dorico’s.

:bulb: :smiley: Thanks!