Mvave smk25 transport controlls

Hi recently purchased a midi controller primarily as my controller to record/stop and play functions. Tried to changevthe settings inside my daw but it seems cannot he recognize… my midi controller is mvave smk25 it has a bluetooth functionality as well… it funtions and connected if im only using it as a drumpad/ keyboard but it is not recognized when i use the buttons play/ stop or record… im confused…

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First of all I will ask you to download a free app from the App Store called Midi Wrench, launch it and leave it running, launch Cubasis, now press the PLAY button on your M-vave keyboard, go back into Midi Wrench and look what CC number is displayed on its screen, go back into Cubasis and tap SETUP/MIDI and turn on MIDI Learn, a lot of green boxes will appear, check the CC number for the PLAY button and make sure it is the same as that of the M-vave CC number, if it is different, go back to Cubasis, and press Midi Learn then press PLAY (box will now turn orange), press PLAY on your keyboard, turn off MIDI Learn and test the PLAY function on your keyboard, if successful, turn on MIDI Learn and set STOP and RECORD function, remember to always launch MIDI Wrench and leave it running in the background when using your M-vave with Cubasis
I had to use this procedure to get the transport controls on my Novation Impulse 61 to work in Cubasis.

Hope this helps

Just realised there is no STOP on the Cubasis transport bar!

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Please take a look at our dedicated MIDI Learn, Mackie Control and HUI Protocol Support tutorial, to learn more about how to use your external gear to control Cubasis:

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