Mvmt of Time Sigs, Tempo Maps& Markers matching Event mvmt

I am looking to move a recorded midi event a few bars to the right to allow for an intro. Unfortunately the time signatures, tempo maps & markers which were designed to match the event all remain where they are. Is there a way to move them all together?


Have you tried lasso-ing the MIDI data as well as the time signatures, tempo maps & markers (with your mouse) and then using the keyboard shortcut (which I think is a combination of the cntrl key and the +/- keys on the number pad) to move everything together? That’s what I do and it works quite well.

Provided you want to move everything from the original position to the new position, here is probably the best way…
Set Left and Right Locators around the area you wish to move, then Edit Menu> Range>Cut Time (which will remove everything that was between the Locators, including the Timeline itself, and place it in the Clipboard), then move the Play Cursor to the desired position, and Edit menu>Paste… everything that had been cut will now be reinstated, but starting at the Play Cursor position.
You can even exclude a track from this process by Locking it first.

Thanks, guys,

This was the most helpful. You guys are fabulous!