MXF Import & Export

Please add this feature. MXF (Material Exchange Format) will add to cross-platform compatibility with video editors.

Yes, please. I’ve been asked by video editors if they can send me MXF as this seems to be a very comfortable format for them.


Note that mxf is a container and not a format.
A mxf file can contain almost any time of media just wrapped in the mxf container.
Such as mp3/mp4/bwav/aiff/raw/dnx36/prores etc etc. it is not a format in itself although it can easily be mistaken as one.

that is why “support mxf” just isn’t that simple.

Same applies to the old .mov format (quicktime) which was easy :wink:!
MXF is a must have nowadays!

Supported codecs should to be:

  • dnxhd
  • dnxhr
  • prores
  • avc intra
  • xavc intra
  • xdcam

all bit rates of course, as well as sd, hd, uhd, and 23 up to 60 fps.
Nuendo want to be pro - so go for it then!