.mxl file import failure

Hello! I’ve searched and not found a similar issue to mine, so I’m asking for help.

I’m running Dorico 3.5 and have been importing .mxl files of an old score (5 movements) from Finale. The first four imported with very few problems. With the last one I get an error message (screenshot below) no matter how I adjust xml import preferences.

Here’s the error message:

(BTW, the piece is for piano and wind quintet, and there’s only one bar of flute showing.)

Investigated the details and got the following:

ERROR - Element ‘measure-numbering’, attribute ‘multiple-rest-always’: The attribute ‘multiple-rest-always’ is not allowed.

At line 274 of /var/folders/mb/y5x0qz152ld66lbp1vc5lqp80000gp/T/Dorico 3.5/89a0-b577-5ee5-a87f

ERROR - Element ‘measure-numbering’, attribute ‘multiple-rest-range’: The attribute ‘multiple-rest-range’ is not allowed.

At line 274 of /var/folders/mb/y5x0qz152ld66lbp1vc5lqp80000gp/T/Dorico 3.5/89a0-b577-5ee5-a87f

ERROR - Element ‘swing’: This element is not expected. Expected is one of ( midi-device, midi-instrument, play, offset ).

At line 292 of /var/folders/mb/y5x0qz152ld66lbp1vc5lqp80000gp/T/Dorico 3.5/89a0-b577-5ee5-a87f

I’m trying to re-export the file from Finale as an uncompressed Music XML, to see if that changes anything, but I’d rather not re-enter the whole piece. Any suggestions for options or a course of action?


If you can zip up the MusicXML file and attach it here, we can take a look and see just how invalid the file really is.

Thanks, Daniel! Here it is.
5. Merced River Rapids.mxl.zip (80.4 KB)

I was able to import your xml file with no problems reported.

I am using the latest version of Dorico (

In Preferences > MusicXML Import, I have all options off.

Here is the file saved as a Dorico project.
I saved the file immediately after import, having made no changes.

5. Merced River Rapids.dorico (2.0 MB)

I then exported to musicXML from within Dorico 4.3.20
Importing it into Dorico 3.5.12 gave no errors.

Here is that musicXML file.

5. Merced River Rapids(1) - Full score - 01 5. Merced River Rapids.xml (2.2 MB)

Here is that file saved as a Dorico project - saved from within Dorico 3.5.

5. Merced River Rapids (D 3.5).dorico (1.4 MB)

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Wow, thank you, Steven! That solved it, and I’ve imported the movement into the complete score.

Daniel, if you have any further insights on why this might have failed in the first place, I’d still love to know, but for the meantime I’m very grateful that the two of you helped me solve my problem!