My android smartphone got damaged when using this app

Hello, I’m using the Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro Android. Then when I finished using this application for a while, then unplugged my audio interface brand Steinberg UR12. Suddenly my smartphone lost any sound. Then when I restarted my smartphone, my smartphone could no longer turn on, instead it just got stuck on the logo. So I was forced to factory reset my smartphone. And now I’m using it again to make sure whether it’s true that this application has damaged my smartphone by trying again a second time. It was true, the second time the same thing happened to my smartphone. I post this post, because right now my smartphone is stuck on the logo and preparing to factory reset the second time.

Hi @syafiiy,

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Please note that it is very unlikely that Cubasis damaged your Android device in use. If you encounter issues with your Android device, we suggest to get in touch with Xiaomi.

In regards to Cubasis, please give the following steps a try:

  • Close all running apps, including Cubasis
  • Fully shut down and restart your Android device

Does this help to resolve the problem?