My annual step sequencer request

Happy 5th Anniversary, to me!

This is so easy to implement, and would be useful to a lot of people.
something like

I’m always interested in hearing about proposals for step sequencer enhancements … but I certainly don’t have time to watch a 10-minute video just to see what the proposed feature relates to. If you want anyone to pay attention, you should take the time write a paragraph to summarize for the busy reader.

yup. ive been asking for a loop/clip based feature with step for a while now… there are vst variants for soley stepping any channels.


Like I said, pretty simple to implement and kicks the hell out of beat designer for ease of use, functionality and use of lower zone.

Wow Cubase GUI is so much better and cooler

Should be a proper solution though, not half baked but doesn’t also need to be all the bells and whistles - that would take longer to develop and could be chargeable!

Ability to save patterns so they can be loaded up later on different projects is a must, maybe a browser to try out different patterns for on the fly inspiration. Maybe modulation can be supported too, and 12-24 lanes for those programming more complex beats.

Honestly, I’d be even happy if BeatDesigner was updated and became a bit more in depth and UX improved. Improved MIDI insert plugins would suffice for me.

And or, maybe the MIDI inserts would mirror to the lowerzone as modules.

Is it not possible to do that with Midi Insert / Step Designer ?

Not exactly. At best, it takes 3 times as long and it’s not as effective. At worst, I just close it because I find it frustrating and open a 3rd party plug-in to do the job.

It’s all little things, but it adds up. Example: When placing drum hits in a pattern, there’s no way to make them uniform. One hit could be 92% and another could be 85%. Then, I’m left to go into the insert and correct every hit individually. Ugh.

It makes way more sense to update the interface, add a bit more functionality, add it to the lower zone, which would get rid of that floating window. If they could do that, there’d be a lot of happy people, as these annual talks about adding it always have a lot of page clicks.

I see what you mean. Maybe another post suggesting some step designer improvements would convince more the developers ? I don’t know

That feature of Studio One is a combination of MIDI track and VSTi. Pattern Editor is one of the midi editor’s style.

More versatile and useful implementations would be better. It seems to come down to the improvements of the Drum Editor and Pattern (Shared Copy) handling.

+1. Hopefully this new ‘API’ that’s comming will present some new opportunities with a hardware step sequencer and Cubase midi editor. Or am I just dreaming