My Audio file is not playing with all the other MIDI sounds in Cubase 12 Pro

I imported in Cubase 12 Pro, an old project made on Cubase 5 VST score (originaly an .all project that I could turn to a .cpr project).

In that file, I have some audio files that should play with the other MIDI sounds.
Only the MIDI sounds are playing, and not the Audio files.

I can only hear separately, the Audio file (please look to the picture), but not in the general projects. Even if I play it as a solo track.

Any idea why I am having this? Is this an audio configuration problem?
I tried in the picture to show you the best I can, the audio configuration.
I am not used to Cubase 12 Pro yet…

Turn off monitor option in your audio tracks

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Haha… I didn’t see this… thanks!!! :smiley:

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Haha, watch out next time :sweat_smile: