My automation display is screwed - Please Help!!!

My computer switched itself off due to a malfunctioning UPS unit. When it restarted, all my Cubase preferences were wiped out… luckily I had saved a profile and got most of them back after loading it.

However, my automation display has gone for a toss… I cannot see the automation points or the automation curves anymore. Instead, what I see is like a dark shadowy phantom zone which gives absolutely no precise controls whatsoever.

I have attached a screenshot for reference. If anyone can point me in the right direction to fix this, I would be eternally grateful!

Thank you!


Isn’t it an assigned VCA curve?

Hi Martin

Thanks for replying.

No that is not an assigned VCA curve… Its just a sample automation curve (volume) I drew to demonstrate what has happened.

Normally, automation (even volume) would look like this (pls see attachment)… But mine shows no points and the automation line is also black.


Oh wait! I figured it out!

It looks like that because I haven’t assigned any color to the Instrument track.

Once I assign a color to the track, it works as expected. Otherwise, I guess the default grey color is not properly visible against the chosen background color. Strange… but working now!

Thanks for trying to help me Martin! :slight_smile: